Corporate policy

Axel Larsson Maskinaffär AB is an independent family-owned business founded in 1949. Our mission is to use our extensive technical expertise to provide industry with products for and related to pipe systems. We currently represent a number of selected suppliers.

We will always follow all relevant legislation, regulations and directives that apply to our activities, and stay up-to-date on any changes in them.

In all of our activities, we continuously strive to minimise our environmental impact by conserving resources as much as possible.

High quality, in our eyes, is when we and our products meet our customers’ expectations of technical expertise and service. We achieve our quality commitment by focusing on our core values:


Closeness - Our local sales offices bring us closer to our customers. That’s what allows us to gain a good understanding of our customers’ business, pinpoint their needs and offer the best possible service.

Long-term thinking – Aiming for long-term relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers lets us guarantee continuity, reliable products and high delivery assurance for our customers.

Constant improvement – We actively work to discover and make the most of the experiences and ideas of our employees, customers and suppliers, in a constant effort to be better and better.


“AXEL LARSSON should be a name to rely on – today, tomorrow and ten years from now”
(Quote from the company founder Axel Larsson)

(Quote from the company founder Axel Larsson)


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified - click here to view the certificate


Rev. 2017-01-11